Keg Cooler (For NutriChef Homebrew Mini Keg Model: PKBRTP50) PRTPKBRTP5010




Keg Cooler (For NutriChef Homebrew Mini Keg Model: PKBRTP50)

KEG JACKET: The NutriChef insulated keg cooler fits NutriChef homebrew mini keg model PKBRTP50. There’s nothing more fun than drinking ice cold beer! Be the life of the party and let your friends have a good time
KEEPS BEVERAGE COLD: This keg jacket will keep your beer cold for 3 hours at room temperature. Avoid the hassle and inconvenience of spills, bagged ice, and oversized tubs! The keg cooler is more convenient to use, plus it creates no mess
FLEXIBLE AND ELASTIC: The keg cooler easily slides on and off the keg’s body due to its flexible and elastic design making it very easy and convenient to use, just like dressing it up as it is also called keg’s clothes
NEOPRENE MATERIAL: The keg cooler is made from durable, high-quality, and performance tested Neoprene material that insulates your keg, ensuring that your beer stays cold for the duration of your party. It is known to be resistant to oil and heat
DIMENSIONS: Measures 5.3 L x 5.3 W x 4.5 H, perfectly fits for NutriChef 64 oz Homebrew Mini Keg model PKBRTP50. Grab yours now and give yourself and your friends plenty of time to enjoy your favorite beer, cold and fresh

Keg Stays Cold Longer & Keeps the Beverages Fresher!
Flexible & Elastic: Easy Slides On or Off
Neoprene Keg Cooler Insulation & Protection
Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.3 x 5.3 x 4.5 -inches


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