Aramid Fibre Wireless Charger Pad – Limitless 3.0




Never fear, we can tell you which Limitless case you have based on which phone you have. Remember that only our Limitless 3.0 cases are compatible with our Wireless Charger Mounts.

If you have an iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max:

You might have a Limitless 3.0 or Limitless 4.0 case. Limitless 4.0 is MagSafe compatible and you can find our range of accessories for ithere. If you have Limitless 3.0, your case isn MagSafe compatible so you can use it with the Apple MagSafe charger. But good news, you can use the AutoAlign+ Wireless Charger Pad.

Limitless 3.0 cases are also available for the following handsets:

iPhones 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 10 Plus, Note 20, Note Ultra, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra

Google Pixel 4, 4XL, 4a (5G), 5

Limitless 2.0 cases are available for the following handsets:

iPhones 6, 6s, 6+, 6s+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XS Max, XR, SE (2nd Gen)

Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10e, S10+


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